COVID-19 Tracking And Recovery

A Cost-Effective Enterprise Solution For Non-Clinical Administrators 

Why Don't Organizations Have an Effective COVID-19 Solution?

The market only provides a fragmented approach to monitoring, testing, and reporting.
Monitoring (Survey Apps)
Monitoring (Survey Apps) No testing services
Limited client services
Limited corporate guidance
Testing (Laboratories)
Testing (Laboratories)  Limited access to supplies
 Buyer liability of flawed devices
 Costly indiscriminate testing
Reporting (Test Providers)
Reporting (Test Providers)  No follow-up with patients
or employers
 No population insights just
individual data points

COVID-19 Program On The Market

Our COVID-19 Tracking and Recovery Program was built from the ground-up to serve as an all-in-one COVID-19 Solution to any organization. Our clinical support team and proprietary software algorithms offer a comprehensive solution that keeps organizations prepared to make prompt, critical safety decisions.



  • Provides a streamlined solution that reduces the need for staff interactions, saving you time and money
  • Fully traceable kits and secure (HIPAA compliant) test results
  • The program can be stood up in days, ensuring uninterrupted operation
  • We can provide state and federal compliance reports
  • Actionable Reporting
  • Cost-Effective Testing
  • Non-Invasive Testing

Designed to Curb Infection Rates



Robust corporate reporting provides real-time transparency through aggregated data reports that offer early, actionable intelligence to make key decisions with personnel and facilities.

Want to know the effectiveness of your company’s safety precautions? Our historical reporting provides insights into the efficacy of implementing safety measures (e.g., wearing masks, social distancing, sanitizers in common areas,etc.) by generating comparative reports based on months, weeks, days, hours, even minutes!

• Positivity rates by business unit, location or enterprise
• Daily health survey compliance dashboard
• Customizable Population Health Reports
• Visual maps that show positivity rates by geography

Clinically Supported and Data-Driven Testing Model

Our online platform provides daily symptom surveys, establishing a cost-effective solution to testing since participants only test when symptomatic. Proprietary algorithms use health data and local positivity rates to generate test recommendations.


The clinical team monitors daily symptom surveys and geographic infection rates to make CDC-based testing recommendations. Protocols may be customized to abide by particular industry mandates as well as local, State, Federal guidelines.




Easy Enough to Self-Administer



Our testing model’s simplicity allows participants to keep testing kits at home, offering a fast, convenient solution to impromptu needs. Or employees may visit one of our pharmacy partners to schedule a test.

Turn around times average 48 hours*, and results are quickly and safely delivered via our secure HIPAA compliant mobile app.

*Test result turnaround times are subject to change depending on lab availability and demand volumes.


A Turn Key Solution


Program adoption is seamless and designed to provide a complete and immediate COVID19 solution. However, the program is easily modified to accommodate any needs. Do you only require fast turnaround times on testing and results? Schedule a meeting to discuss your needs, no matter how simple or complex.


CLIA Laboratory Network

BASE10 has a nationwide partnership with CLIA high-complexity laboratories. Our systems integration provides turn-around times of *48-hours, from the time the test was taken, not from the time it arrives at the lab.

*Test result turnaround times are subject to change depending lab availability and demand volumes.

Dedicated Client Success Team

Our program further provides every client a dedicated Client Success Team that manages implementation, trainings, inventory management. Portal is continually updated to stay up-to-date with federal and state regulations.

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