COVID-19 Tracking And Recovery

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Why Don't Medical Facilities Have an Effective COVID-19 Solution?

The market only provides a fragmented approach to monitoring, testing, and reporting.
Monitoring (Survey Apps)
Monitoring (Survey Apps)  No testing services
 Limited client services
 Limited corporate guidance
Testing (Laboratories)
Testing (Laboratories)  Limited access to supplies
 Buyer liability of flawed devices
 Costly indiscriminate testing
Reporting (Test Sellers Only)
Reporting (Test Sellers Only)  No follow-up with patients
or employers
 No population insights just
individual data points

COVID-19 Program On The Market

Our COVID-19 Tracking and Recovery Program was built from the ground-up to serve as an all-in-one COVID-19 Solution to any organization. Our clinical support team and proprietary software algorithms offer a comprehensive solution that keeps organizations prepared to make prompt, critical safety decisions.



  • Provides a streamlined solution that reduces the need for staff interactions, saving you time and money
  • Fully traceable kits and secure (HIPAA compliant) test results
  • The program can be stood up in days, ensuring uninterrupted operation
  • We can provide state and federal compliance reports
  • Powerful Oversight
  • Simplify Complex Mandates
  • Staff Considerations

Custom Reporting Solutions



Get a high-level view of how your disease management program is progressing over time. With built-in Tableau functionality, you can drill down for more in-depth analysis. Featuring:

  • Downloadable, cross-tab formatted data on all testing status, e.g., completed tests,  result types, and the number of tests processed
  • Daily health survey compliance dashboard
  • Monitor test turnaround times. Analyze your data by expanding reports to pinpoint laboratories, where the test was processed; by interval, or even geographic location
  • Visual maps that show positivity rates by geography

Regularity and Compliance Considerations



Reduce time spent manually submitting disease management reports to headquarters with our custom Line Listing report. Facilities can submit their data into a centralized hub, which provides HQ the ability to then access and consolidate all individual reports into a single downloadable file.

  • Our infection control dashboard is included with all Line Listing reports. Easily monitor all test results, test status, specimen aging, testing triggers, and testing frequency.
  • Tableau date-range filters can be adjusted to better understand trends and or troubleshoot by year, month, week, day, hours, and even minutes!

We Partner With You To Successfully Navigate The Regulatory Landscape

Facility/Nursing Staff 

barcoded-tracking-covid-patient-specimen-samplesMinimize errors. All testing kits come barcoded for easier and more accurate tracking.

automated-fuctions-minimize-covid-workload-staffFree up time with saliva test kits that can be administered by non-clinical users.

daily-health-surveys-facility-nurse-considerationsReduce the demand on your facility staff by empowering employees to check their own results and submit daily health surveys online.

online-covid-platfom-trainingsEfficient, safe, and convenient training over Zoom. With contact-free electronic training manuals.


Administrative Considertions 

covid-text-alerts-sent-don-lhnaIf a result comes back positive, text alerts are immediately sent to DON and LNHA to minimize the transmission of the virus.

lab-networked-fast-test-delivery-resultsOur laboratory network is integrated with our proprietary technology platform, allowing for faster delivery of test results.

covid-inventory-facility-managmentEliminate inventory concerns. We oversee supply needs and assure you’re always prepared.

state-federal-covid-complaince-assistanceMinimize compliance concerns. BASE10 can provide regulatory compliance reports to meet state and federal mandates.

emr-integration-covid-1Reduce double documentation, our propriety technology platform adapts to individual facility EMR’s - making patient uploads easy.

Dedicated Client Success Team

Our program further provides every client a dedicated Client Success Team that manages implementation, trainings, inventory management. Portal is continually updated to stay up-to-date with federal and state regulations.

CLIA Laboratory Network

BASE10 has a nationwide partnership with CLIA high-complexity laboratories. Our systems integration provides turn-around times of *48-hours, from the time the test was taken, not from the time it arrives at the lab.

*Test result turnaround times are subject to change depending lab availability and demand volumes.

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Designed to provide an immediate solution to the broad range of complexities facing Long Term Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities. 

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