Improve surveillance, simplify clinical decisions and reduce administrative costs with the most complete and cost-effective infection control platform on the market

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Disease management platform

By using our precision medicine and disease management capabilities, BASE10 has developed an end-to-end infectious disease management platform to help you navigate COVID-19 and other infectious diseasesSince the pandemic, our platform has evolved into a comprehensive infectious disease management program solution that combines cutting-edge interoperability with proven IPC (Infection Prevention and Control) principles.  


Customized solution

Our fully customizable platform provides continuous surveillance across all enterprise levels so cross-functional facility teams have real-time data to drive strategic clinical decisions, stay compliant with the ever-changing regulatory landscape and rapidly deploy precautions/interventions to detect, manage or prevent outbreaks. Read on to find out how we can simplify your long-term care administration. 


Why BASE10?


Nobody cares like we do
☑️ Each client and facility has a dedicated, US-based team on their side 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure they have the support they need – and a singular Client Success Partner proactively monitoring their platform
☑️ With our completely customizable disease management platform, we will match our deployment and onboarding schedule to fit your needs and avoid operation interruptions
☑️ We will proactively manage your implementation, trainings, and inventory – but that’s not all. Tell us how we can make your life easier, and we’ll customize our efforts to fit your needs


You won’t miss a thing
☑️ Get a high-level view of how your disease management program is progressing over time with our real-time enterprise forecasting, status, and performance dashboards
☑️ Our Infection Surveillance Dashboard features data that can easily scale down to individual facilities and even staff level, offering you the visibility to proactively make administrative decisions
☑️ Let BASE10 help you evaluate and respond to risk exposure and rapidly changing conditions


Save more and spend less

☑️ Save administrative and clinical FTE hours by automating workflows and simplifying decisions
☑️ Reduce your potential to receive noncompliance fines through our monitoring, testing and reporting solutions – let US be your eyes and ears
☑️ Dramatically reduce staff and healthcare costs by letting BASE10 automate and facilitate your infection control procedures

How can we help YOU? First, tell us who you are!


Improve patient outcomes and clinician efficiency



  • Real-time facility census and infection surveillance dashboards, customizable reporting software

  • Clinical decision support based on standards of care, facility conditions, and patient risks

  • Personalized workflow automation, reminders, and alerts

  • HIPAA compliant electronic ordering, lab results, and documentation

Real-time monitoring of enterprise data to facilitate strategic change and rapid response



  • Instantaneous enterprise forecasting, status, and performance dashboards give administrators quick-look visibility into their population

  • High-performing medical interventions and documentation of administration events

  • Extensive and integrated lab network with proactive specimen tracking

  • Electronic ordering, logistical support for supplies billing, and claims management

We can integrate with your EHRs, LIMs, and HR software to reduce the risk of noncompliance


barcoded-tracking-covid-patient-specimen-samples Enterprise-wide online line listing 

automated-fuctions-minimize-covid-workload-staffOn demand access to survey compliance data 

daily-health-surveys-facility-nurse-considerationsGeneration and submission of NHSN LTC COVID-19 module reports and NHSN Resident and Staff Vaccination reports

online-covid-platfom-trainingsComing Soon—Generation and submission of NHSN HAI module reports 

covid-text-alerts-sent-don-lhnaCustom State DHS report generation and submission for testing, therapeutics, and vaccination 

lab-networked-fast-test-delivery-resultsCustom State DPH report generation and submission for testing, therapeutics, and vaccination 

 Use our mobile application for daily health surveys and secure, fast access to test results and data record-keeping

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  • Request, schedule and cancel testing
  • Sign digital consent forms
  • Receive secure test results within 48 hours
  •  Online risk assessments

COVID-19 Program On The Market

Our COVID-19 Tracking and Recovery Program was built from the ground-up to serve as an all-in-one COVID-19 Solution to any organization. Our clinical support team and proprietary software algorithms offer a comprehensive solution that keeps organizations prepared to make prompt, critical safety decisions.



  • Provides a streamlined solution that reduces the need for staff interactions, saving you time and money
  • Fully traceable kits and secure (HIPAA compliant) test results
  • The program can be stood up in days, ensuring uninterrupted operation
  • We can provide state and federal compliance reports

Why Don't Medical Facilities Have an Effective COVID-19 Solution?

The market only provides a fragmented approach to monitoring, testing, and reporting.
Monitoring (Survey Apps)
Monitoring (Survey Apps)  No testing services
 Limited client services
 Limited corporate guidance
Testing (Laboratories)
Testing (Laboratories)  Limited access to supplies
 Buyer liability of flawed devices
 Costly indiscriminate testing
Reporting (Test Sellers Only)
Reporting (Test Sellers Only)  No follow-up with patients
or employers
 No population insights just
individual data points

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