Medical Management Programs Designed to Improve Health And Organizational ROI

Why BASE10?

Combining our high-touch clinical engagement team with our powerful proprietary technology solutions, BASE10's patient-centric approach delivers transformational health outcomes. Our genomic programs and infection prevention and control programs are physician-led, fiscally minded, and solution-oriented, offering organizations a high potential for ROI.  Ideally Suited For:


Rooted in providing self-funded enterprises cost-effective COVID-19 management solutions and precision medicine programs built to decrease disease management spends.


Impede the ever-rising medical costs with our unique precision medicine plans based on genetics and a high-touch engagement team created to support the management of chronic diseases.

Medical Facilities

Minimize preventable revenue loss while offering a more precise, patient-centric approach to care. BASE10 programs serve as a single point of access to help simplify and automate workflows.


Discover new revenue streams. Our programs enable you to bring a modern approach to weight loss, disease management, and OTC/supplement guidance.

Uniquely Positioned to Offer

  • Accessible and direct person-to-person support. When genetic data is expertly interpreted and personalized, the impact can be life-altering. It's why we make high-touch engagements a cornerstone of all BASE10 programs.   
  • Proprietary, digital solutions designed to empower. Our novel approach begins with our physicians, who strategically guide our development team's production of programs built to provide specific solutions to market challenges, not just services.  
nutrigenomics-dietician-weight-loss-diabetes-program Nutrigenomics Program

Unlike standard app-based programs, BASE10’s Nutrigenomics Program is developed by a team of registered dietitians trained in medical nutrition therapy and dedicated to making a qualitative difference in employees’ health. We realize that wellness programs of the past were designed to deliver services, not measurable health outcomes.



pharmacogenomics-how-to-prevent-adverse-drug-reactions Pharmacogenomics program

BASE10's PGx program can elevate your company's status as a healthcare advocate with our patient-centric services designed to build trust and loyalty. Create a long-term human impact by minimizing the likelihood and effects of adverse drug events. Critical factors that eventually equate to long-term financial incentives.


covid-medical-facilities-program COVID-19 Tracking and Recovery

Our robust one-of-a-kind program offers any organization struggling to navigate the ever-changing regulatory and safety mandate landscape with an immediate and complete COVID-19 solution. Our digital platform is fully customized and drives solutions that ease the time and operational burdens on employees.

COVID-19 Programs

Infectious Disease Management Program

Reduce your development costs and time to market with BASE10's physician-guided technology platforms. We offer those seeking population health/infectious disease management a suite of customizable tools supported by experts and scientifically supported by CLIA certified high complexity lab results.

Infectious Disease Management 



Revolutionary Results  

BASE10 programs are tailored to each client, human-managed, and complimented by genetic testing. We aim to minimize organizational costs, yield measurable health outcomes and streamline/automate operations. 

BASE10 Offers Competitive Advantages that Support  

  • Reducing Operational Costs

  • Minimizing Time-Consuming Activities from Staff

  • Drive Client/Employee/Patient Satisfaction

  • Assists in Accomplishing Compliance & Regulatory Demands

About BASE10

Co-founders Dr. Fang and Robert Holton both personally experienced the power of Precision Medicine; one to save a life and the other to create one. These life-changing moments forever altered and inspired them to improve the well-being of those most impacted by chronic diseases.

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