Empowering medical providers with precise genetic insights for safe and effective medication prescribing and dosing 

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) enables the personalization of drug therapy for various health conditions and medical diagnoses. Based upon an individual’s unique genetic makeup, pharmacogenomics allows medical providers to select appropriate medications more efficiently and manage medication doses properly for optimal efficacy and safety.

PGx is proven to aid in:

  • Accurate treatment of diseases in disciplines of medicine such as cardiology, psychiatry, oncology, and infectious diseases
  • Development of prevention strategies
  • Reduction of co-morbidities, mortality, and healthcare costs
  • Why Adopt PGx?
  • PGx as a Financial Tool
  • Growing Industry Acceptance



Offering PGx services through BASE10's unique precision medicine platform will elevate your company's status as a healthcare advocate and position you as an authority on how genetics impact drug choice and dosage considerations.

These patient-centric services will build trust and loyalty among your clients and leave a long-term human impact by minimizing the likelihood and effects of adverse drug events. Each of these factors eventually equates to long-term financial incentives.

PGx has been shown to significantly reduce healthcare costs. It is estimated that adverse drug events cost up to $30 billion in the U.S. annually due to increased hospitalization rates, prolonged hospital stays, and additional diagnostic tests and therapeutic measures required in the most severe cases. 

However, many adverse events can be entirely preventable through the use of PGx testing by ensuring patients are prescribed proper medications and dosages. 


Doing so may lead to a reduction in emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and decreased length of stay in the hospital.

Healthcare entities and medical insurance companies that advance quickly into providing PGx services for their patients will have a unique advantage in the field and will benefit from improved patient outcomes and significant reduction in healthcare-associated costs.

Pharmacogenomics is becoming a widely accepted branch of medicine, with recognition from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and guideline creation from the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC).

Organizations such as the American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology, and American Psychiatry Association have begun implementing PGx-based medication dosing regimens into their published practice guidelines.

Leading professional organizations such as the American Medical Association and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists have also endorsed CPIC’s guidelines.


BASE10 Pharmacogenomics

BASE10 is uniquely positioned to offer reliable PGx testing and personalized action-oriented recommendations that support clinical decision-making. BASE10 provides state-of-the-art services and outperforms competitors in three key ways:

software-development-icon_v2 Custom Software Development

Our PGx software/program model was specifically built to ensure long-term health outcomes based on analyses that drive actionable, patient-centric recommendations and assure organization prosperity.

customer-support Customer Support

BASE10’s technology intelligently merges with our high-touch clinical engagement team, offering a necessary human touch that provides end-users peace of mind. The BASE10 experience is so much more than just another health app.

financial-incentives Financial Incentive

The benefits of PGx testing and subsequent medication guidance are key to fostering improved care and financial optimization. We offer affiliate programs and insurance reimbursement; contact us to learn more.

We maintain the highest quality methodology and work in accordance with FDA labels, CPIC guidelines, and other rigorously researched sources. BASE10 maintains an ongoing and growing list of 100+ drug products that provides clinically relevant, engaging, personalized, and actionable recommendations from expertly trained pharmacists.



Long-Term Care & Skilled Nursing Facilities

Long-Term Care & Skilled Nursing Facilities

Improve quality of care while optimizing facility reimbursement. PGx testing is a critical tool that can be employed to aid in preventing ADEs, reduce patient morbidity and mortality, avoid polypharmacy, and reduce overall healthcare expenditures. 


Self-Insured Enterprises

Self-Insured Enterprises

Reduce total cost of care by minimizing waste, misuse, and low-value treatment. Preventable conditions are a major contributor to the rising costs of health insurance premiums and employee medical claims. PGx has the potential to dictate precise disease treatment, leading to optimal efficacy and reduced adverse events from prescribed medications.




Create a new revenue stream and increase foot traffic while being on the frontlines of precision medicine. PGx improves treatment plans, minimizes ADEs, and reduces the economic burden on the healthcare system.

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